Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Resource Kit, Second Edition – Pdf Kitap indir Pdf Kitap Oku
Pdf E-Kitap / Ocak 24, 2018

Comprehensive technical information for Windows XP Professional—including updates on security, a bonus eBook, “Automating and Customizing Installations,” and more than 120 tools on CD-ROM—from those who know the technology best Get the definitive reference for installing, configuring, and supporting Windows XP Professional and Windows XP 64-Bit Edition—straight from the source. This official RESOURCE KIT provides in-depth technical guidance and, new in this edition, more than 120 administrative tools and utilities direct from the Microsoft Windows Team. You get 1700 pages of essential detail on deployment planning; desktop management, including mobile user support; managing devices, disks, and file systems; implementing security features, featuring two new chapters from the Microsoft Security team; networking; and system troubleshooting. The CD-ROM includes 120+ tools for administering Windows clients and servers; a bonus eBook, “Automating and Customizing Installations”; and a searchable eBook of all RESOURCE KIT documentation. Together, the book and CD-ROM provide everything you need to save time, reduce support costs, and help lower your total cost of ownership.

Inside Windows NT, Second Edition – Pdf Kitap indir Pdf Kitap Oku
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The official, comprehensive developer’s guide to the Windows NT kernel. To unlock the full power and performance of Microsoft Windows NT, you need this classic, newly updated guide to Windows NT architecture. For developers and system administrators, this book is written in full partnership with the Windows NT product development team at Microsoft. It takes you deep into the core components of Windows NT. And it gives you abundant information, insight, and perspective that you can quickly apply for better design, debugging, performance, and troubleshooting. You’ll also find: Hands-on experiments that let you see the internal behavior of Windows NT using available utilities Valuable material unavailable until now, including chapters on the cache manager and NTFS A look ahead to Windows NT 5.0 via notes throughout the book and a final chapter devoted to upcoming developments

Microsoft BackOffice Resource Kit, Second Edition – Pdf Kitap indir Pdf Kitap Oku
Pdf E-Kitap / Ocak 7, 2018

Now you can take Microsoft® BackOffice® to new heights of performance and do likewise for your professional knowledge, skills, and career. Just start applying the authoritative information and tools in this exclusive Microsoft collection. It’s the essential resource for computer professionals who aim to get the most from their enterprise systems. Four volumes of information that BackOffice professionals rely on: Microsoft Systems Management Server 1.2 Resource Guide Troubleshooting jobs, remote control, and site installation and upgrade Automating backup of the entire Systems Management Server system Repackaging and deploying applications with Systems Management Server Installer Using PCM service to install packages in the background Comprehensive list of tools with parameters Managing system flow Deploying software with SMS Installing and upgrading sites, servers, and clients Tuning Microsoft SQL ServerTM 6.5 Resource Guide Resource and deployment planning Developing Internet business solutions with Microsoft SQL Server Server clustering and English Query technology introduced in Microsoft SQL Server, Enterprise Edition Migrating Oracle Applications to Microsoft SQL Server Integrating with other BackOffice products